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Resources for a Brighter Life

A brighter life

By now, you probably know I'm pretty passionate about brighter living….. but what exactly is a brighter life?


Embracing the Present

Living a brighter life begins with an acknowledgment of where you are right now. It involves embracing the current moment and recognizing the joys, challenges, and unique experiences that shape your present reality. It's about finding gratitude in the every day, appreciating the small victories, and understanding that the richness of life often resides in the here and now.


Reflecting on Progress

A brighter life also entails a genuine acknowledgment of how far you’ve come. It's a reflective journey, celebrating personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and learning from experience. Recognizing and honoring the progress made, both personally and professionally, adds depth to the concept of a brighter life. This reflection serves as a source of motivation and resilience, inspiring confidence in the ability to navigate future challenges.


Envisioning a Bright Future

Dreaming in a bright and beautiful future is the third dimension of living a brighter life. It involves setting aspirational goals, cultivating dreams, and envisioning the life you desire. This forward-thinking approach fuels optimism, creativity, and a sense of purpose. By painting a vivid picture of the future, we are propelled towards continuous growth, inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead in the pursuit of a brighter and more fulfilling life.

By intertwining appreciation of the present moment, reflection on personal progress, and envisioning a bright future, living a brighter life becomes a holistic and dynamic journey. It's a continuous process of mindful living, self-discovery, and intentional growth. Each dimension contributes to a life that is not only vibrant and fulfilling, but also resilient in the face of challenge. As we each navigate our own unique three-fold path, we remember that a brighter life is not a destination but a way of being—an ongoing commitment to embracing the present, honoring your journey, and stepping into the promise of what lies ahead. In essence, a brighter life is a personal masterpiece, painted with the colors of gratitude, resilience, and boundless possibility.

To help you along the way, I’ve curated a selection of free resources that I’d love to share with you, and invite you to share them with others.

Social Media



Social media is a great way to keep updated on what’s happening in the Brighter Life world and connect 1:1 with me if you’d like to. I don’t post all that often (unless I’m in Bali, and then I post about 100 times a day!!), but when I do, I like to share what I’m up to and, when inspired, a few words of welldom (yes, I did mean to spell it like that).

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