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Brighter Life 1:1 Health & Mindset Coaching

Brighter Life health and lifestyle coaching offers invaluable support, accountability, and a personalised pathway to enhanced wellbeing.


As your dedicated 1:1 health and mindset coach, I walk with you toward a Brighter Life of vitality, balance, and enduring fulfillment. Together, we'll craft a roadmap tailored to your unique goals, while addressing the lifestyle and mindset shifts needed for lasting positive change.


Brighter Life health and lifestyle coaching concentrates on setting and achieving attainable goals, improving specific aspects of your life, and enhancing overall fulfillment. We’ll work collaboratively to identify obstacles, develop strategies, and cultivate a proactive, positive (yet compassionately realistic) mindset. Our work will be centered around empowerment, skill-building, and achieving personal and professional aspirations.

Jessica Integrated Wellness Coach

Are you ready to say “YES!” to a life that resonates with vitality, purpose, and an enduring sense of self-discovery?

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Benefits Of Brighter Life Coaching


How it Works


Why Choose Me As Your Coach?

Key Outcoms

Benefits Of Brighter Life Coaching:

Life Coach & Integrated Wellness Practitioner

A Personalised Approach:

My job is to listen to you. Really listen. Once we get clear on what you need and want, we’ll explore health and mindset strategies that consider your preferences and goals. This may include celebrating how far you’ve come, exploring lifestyle tweaks and changes, unpacking old stories that are keeping you stuck, or adding new ways to move, breathe, and rest.

"Are you ready for a richer, more purposeful existence where each day is a conscious step toward your personal fulfillment? "
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How it works


Brighter Life health and lifestyle coaching, which can be undertaken online or in-person,  serves as a powerful catalyst for positive transformation, taking you on a journey not only toward improved health and vitality, but also a renewed sense of purpose. Our work together will go beyond routine and obligation and invite you to explore your passions and align your actions with your core values. As you embark on the coaching journey, you’ll find yourself breaking free from limiting beliefs and embracing a new outlook on your life, health, and wellbeing.


Together we’ll build a coaching relationship built on trust and collaboration. One that stands up for sustainable change and introduces mindset shifts and lifestyle changes that permeate into all aspects of your life. We’ll discover the tools you need to navigate the complexities of life with resilience, while achieving your work, relationship, and lifestyle goals. You can look forward to improved relationships, increased self-awareness, and a heightened capacity to face life's challenges with a newfound sense of confidence.

Life Coach Approach

Clients Say

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"Thank you for caring so deeply. You have truly helped me make huge improvements in my life.”


coaching with me


Choosing me as your health and lifestyle coach is an investment in your holistic wellbeing and transformative growth. With over 3 decades of dedicated personal exploration and professional practice, I bring a wealth of experience rooted in an integrated understanding of health and wellbeing.


My approach goes beyond traditional coaching, seamlessly weaving together mindset work, neuroscience, mindful movement, meditation, and creative modalities to offer you a comprehensive and personalised coaching experience.


I commit to listening deeply to the unique interplay of your mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual dimensions.


And, as your coach, I walk alongside you, providing unwavering support, tailored strategies, and the tools needed to cultivate a genuine sense of wholeness, purpose, and connection. Together, we’ll navigate the intricacies of your journey, ensuring that every step brings you closer to a brighter, more fulfilling life.

Let's embark on a transformative partnership that unlocks your full potential and illuminates your path to a life that is brighter, more satisfying, and completely, uniquely, unashamedly yours!

Jessica Integrated Wellness Coach

If you are interested or would like to know more please chat with Jessica on:

Phone: 021 884 518

Or using the form below

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