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Meeting Exhaustion - My Intention for Self-Care This Year

A couple of weeks ago it dawned on me how exhausted I am. After a year full of work, study and family commitments, plus a number of unexpected situations, including the selling of my business, I was depleted. This looked like several bouts of tears, high emotion, and deep exhaustion in my body and soul. Although this was wildly uncomfortable, I knew my body was telling me, in no uncertain terms, that I needed to give it some attention.

So, this past week I have slowed right down, I’m paying attention to the beauty around me, remembering to breathe in, and out, nourishing myself with fresh juices, plant based deliciousness, and sunshine. And I’m starting to feel better. I’m starting to feel like myself again. I’m even starting to feel hopeful that this coming year will be more manageable, kinder, and satisfying on all levels.

It has (finally!!) dawned on me that my level of stress truly does lie within my own power, and as I walk into 2024 I do so with some radical honesty and a compassionate confession…… I am a worrier, a planner, a people pleaser. I very easily become a ball of stress or a tightly wound spring - these are often my go-too responses to life. Even with all the tools and knowledge I possess, sometimes I don’t get it ‘right’. I am finally owning this truth. For some reason, at some point in my life, I decided that the best course of action was to always be prepared, always be one step ahead. Because, if I was one step ahead I’d avoid the deeply uncomfortable feeling of failing, or conflict, or not measuring up to my very high standards. These past couple of weeks, of slowing down and caring more deeply for myself have reminded me of the joy and beauty that exists in the simple, quiet moments. In fact, it’s the same elusive joy and beauty I’ve been chasing by staying busy and bettering myself in every spare moment I have. I just needed to slow down, come home, be softer, hold my tender heart….and feel.

So, this year, I commit to doing the best I can, and forgiving myself when I am less than I desire to be because, it’s about balance, not perfection. May I be perfectly imperfect every day. This is my prayer 🙏🏻

📷 by @michelleholtphoto


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