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Wholeness Wellness Wonder Journaling Prompts

Updated: Jan 14

Whether or not you consider yourself a writer, journaling can be an insightful and interesting practice and the use of journaling prompts can give you a great head start.

Prompts can act as a doorway into your ‘flowstate’ or as a seed for your inspiration. From here your creativity can take the reins!

Please know that your attempts will not be perfect, in fact, that would be very boring!

Let yourself be open to what flows from your head, your heart, your gut and down through your hands onto your page.

Allow yourself to simply record what comes, even if it’s a scribble or nonsense words.

You don't need to come up with a life changing epiphany….but you watch out - stranger things have been known to happen!

Let your writing become a ‘connect the dots’ of your experiences. Your dreams, your hopes, your thoughts, your sorrows, your joys, your wishes and your intentions. Let the small moments of your day become your story.

Your story is what makes you unique.

Your story and your uniqueness have never before, and will never EVER again be repeated. Only you see the world in this particular way, only you feel the way you feel, so why not share that?

And, if you never share it with another soul, at least you can share it with yourself.

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