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Motivation to Move Your Body

The benefits of intentionally moving our bodies is pretty well researched these days. Often called ‘exercise’, I like to call it ‘moving my body’ as (let’s be honest) sometimes the idea or perception we have of exercise can be a little demotivating.

Exercising doesn’t have to involve a 10km run (but it might, if that’s your jam), or a 2 hour weight lifting sesh at the gym (which it also might, if that’s what you enjoy).

For me, exercise isn’t purely a physical practice.

I like to work out AND work in, which is why I gravitate toward practices that encourage me to move my body AND feel my experience, notice the sensations I’m feeling in my body AND the thoughts and emotions passing through.

I like to engage with what’s happening in and around me, and be curious about my experience. I also like to keep it fresh and move in as many different ways as I can.

Sometimes this looks like a strong yoga session, sometimes a slow movement practice, maybe a conscious dance class.

Sometimes it’s a power walk with pumping tunes in my ears, or pulling weeds in my garden. Today (and often on sunny Saturday mornings) it was a walk on my local beach, nice and early before there are too many others up and about. The fresh air, sound of the waves lapping and brilliance of the sun was a wonderful accompaniment to moving my body and getting in a little exercise.

I often notice how, when I’m intentionally moving my body, while engaging with my thoughts, emotions, and the world around me, I feel more alive, more present, and more available for life. It’s like I’m exercising my capacity for presence and curiosity, alongside improving my strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and so forth.

Over the years I’ve come to realise this is a key component in my mental, emotional and physical health, and has become one of the many ways I commit to living a Brighter Life ✨

If you’re keen to find your own unique ways to live a brighter life, drop me a line. I’d love to talk about the different ways I may be able to work alongside you to achieve your dreams, hopes and goals.


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